On Coffee, Snowflakes and Sunshine.

Monday morning arrived before I’d had the chance to re-fill the oxygen tank for the impending week of stifling office work. Having made my body and mind not only used to, but dependent on a cold, clear 4000′ mountain climb every weekend this winter, a squeezed in walk in Lynn woods, (although nice) did not come anywhere close  to topping up the oxygen supply, or the adrenalin pump. I felt totally grey inside.

 I hit the snooze button three times, took an extra long, extra hot shower. Downed a large cafe au lait with an extra shot of espresso: today I needed every bit of help I could get. Walking to the train it felt like someone had put lead in my shoes; I was as slow as a sleepy sloth.

Then, a snowflake fell…  a single snowflake, drifting through the cold air… distracting me with its magic. I followed its dance and imagined it a faraway friend who’d drifted on down to brighten my day. I smiled and brought him along, my steps a little lighter than before. When I looked up to see where he came from, a blinding ray of sun penetrated the dull, grey cover, adding a shimmering silver lining to the cloud that had sent me my beautiful snowflake.

The grey gave way to bright, blue skies…

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2 Responses to On Coffee, Snowflakes and Sunshine.

  1. Travis says:

    absolutely beautiful writing, and now a spring in my step having been fed the words and let them become part of my thoughts… 🙂

  2. Lo says:

    Words are as free as snowflakes : they go around the world to feed a certain kind of spirit… I will think of you when the first snowflake of winter will reach the Bordeaux vineyards. LOve you sister !

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